We offer lessons 7 days a week. Our students aren't just taught a dance, they are taught how to dance.

About Us

  “Social dancing is a long tradition in various world cultures, ” says Mistalocks.

Mistalocks years studying African Martial Arts and various dance forms has given him a relation with Music {timing}, Rhythm {pattern}, Partner {teamwork} that is bases to everyone's partner dance success.

Buford G. Collins Master Instructor of Mistalocks Dance Studio has been studying and teaching dance since 2001.

His Specialty is Chicago Style Steppin' but he has training and experience in many other forms of social dance.

Buford is versed in Detroit Ballroom, Detroit Bop, Graystone, Kizomba, New York Hustle, Salsa, Tango, Walkin', West Coast Swing and more. 

His partnering technique training is excellently detailed. Leaders and Followers can grow tremendously with his insight.

His vision is to teach the art of partner dancing to the masses. He is now on a mission to have  Mistalocks Dance Studio be Metro-Detroit’s best school of dance for Steppin’ and more.


Certification 2012

  • Teaches using the Universal Unit System® taught by Skippy Blair and the Golden State Dance Teachers Association
  • Founder and owner of the Mistalocks Chicago Style Steppin’
  • Demonstrates Steppin’, Ballroom, Bop, & New York Hustle dance systems to groups in the Tri-State area
  • Has taught with along side with many of Detroit’s top Steppin’ Instructors
  • Provides private lessons and private workshops to companies, schools, churches, dance groups and individuals
  • Demonstrated Steppin at “the African American Music Festival 2005”
  • Finalist in the 2005 V-103's Worlds Largest Steppers Contest 
  • AMFF 2006 Annual Steppers Contest Champion, Columbus, Ohio 
  • Has taught in Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Flint, Miami, Lakeland & Atlanta 
  • Currently Full Time Studio Owner. 
  • Has trained award winning students